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Morganelli and Associates is located in Deland, Florida
Authorized Managing Sales Representatives in Florida for: Professional Visual and Audible Warning Devices as well as Illumination Lighting Products For Police, Fire, EMS, Rescue Vehicles, and Boats

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Please accept our warm welcome to Morganelli and Associates.
Our friendly team is here to assist you with all of your equipment needs.

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Havis • Pro-gard

Consolidator® Consoles are ergonomically designed to make your equipment easy to see, reach, and operate while creating additional space and comfort. Vehicle Specific consoles attach directly to or replace existing OEM console mounts for easy installation.

Utility Viper™ Shield Enhanced Space Saver Prisoner Transport Partitions
With the VIPER™ Shield Rapid Deployment System, our partitions take that protection outside of the vehicle with the officer.

Rockland Custom Products



Ashley & Megan of Team Morganelli, just wants to thank all of the dedicated people that risk their lives everyday protecting us and the American dream on land, air and sea. Morganelli & Associates wants to thank you for your hard work and loyal service.

To our friends at the Police, Fire, EMS, Military, Rescue and Road Crew workers you can always be assured that we are providing equipment with the safest and latest technology on the planet.

We are proud members of:

Florida Sheriff’s Association

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