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Project Description

nFORCE Interior lightbars

nFORCE Interior lightbars

nFORCE Interior lightbars

nFORCE Interior LED Lightbar
Product Overview

•  The nFORCE Interior LED Lightbar is powered by Nexus Technology to deliver intense forward and off-axis illumination
•  Lower profile than competing lightbars for less windshield and personal obstruction
•  Inboard LED module options: any combination of single color 6 or 9 LED, dual color 12 LED or tri-color 18 LED counts
•  “All white” forward facing modules option for intense scene lighting
•  Manual dimming capability for nighttime use
•  Cruise mode
•  Several specific models for all leading sedans, SUV’s and trucks
•  Universal model with adjustable mounting brackets accommodate most windshield angles for even greater compatibility with different vehicle models
•  Windows PC App software for ease of programming
•  Takedown modules can be designated anywhere on the lightbar
•  Discrete arrow control (rear deck only)

Order Number

nFORCE Interior Lightbar#ENFWB


Technical Specifications

Input Voltage Range
10-16 Vdc
Number of LEDs and Maximum Current Draw @ 12.8 Vdc 
LED Module 
6 LED Single Color: < 1.0 Amp
9 LED Single Color: < 1.5 Amp
12 LED Dual Color: < 1.0 Amp
18 LED Tri-Color: < 1.0 Amp
Number of LEDs and Maximum Wattage @ 12.8 Vdc
Inboard Warning Module
6 LED Single Color: < 6.4 Watt
9 LED Single Color: < 9.6 Watt
12 LED Dual Color: < 6.4 Watt
18 LED Tri-Color: < 6.4 Watt
Takedown (Windshield Model)
6 LED: < 12.8 Watt
Work Light (Rear Deck Model)
6 LED: < 12.8 Watt
Flash Patterns
Warning 34; Arrow(Rear Deck Model) 8
Operating Temperature
-40° C to +65° C / -40° F to -149° F
Varies by configuration
SAE J845 Class 1 certified

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